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8 Exercises For Weight Loss That not Impact The Knees

If you have knee osteoarthritis or injuries, your doctor might ask you to consider losing weight. But for people with knee pain, it can be not easy, and unfortunately, many people add more weight as they try to lose weight. This can cause even more stress in your knees and worsen the pain.

 The numbers don’t lie – a CDC study shows[1] that up to 54 million Americans have arthritis in America every day and that 24 million adults reported limited activity due to this serious condition.

We know how grueling it is, and you shouldn’t feel like those suffering from knee pain are the only ones who would want this treatment – the CDC says there are 54 million arthritic people in America!

You deserve relief too. And it doesn’t have to hurt – Physical exercise will help keep your joints moving through a variety of movements that can prevent stiffness so you can stay mobile longer!

8 Exercises For Weight Loss That Won’t Impact The Knees

There are 8 Exercises For Weight Loss That Won’t Impact The Knees.

  • Strength Training Exercises
  • Water Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Cycling
  • Physical Therapy Exercises
  • Elliptical Training
  • Swimming

1.Strength Training Exercises

Sometimes you need to get creative. If you have physically demanding work and it is too painful for you to move, your best option may be to invest in equipment so that you can still get plenty of work done despite the pain.

For instance, if you suffer from knee osteoarthritis and cannot climb the stairs anymore to reach your office on the second floor, but there exists a first-floor office waiting for you, don’t despair!

 Your workplace could potentially bring your workspace downstairs at no extra cost to itself this way. Otherwise, privacy screens are great because they will allow people around you to see through them but not necessarily know what exactly they are looking at.

Sometimes that goes along with noise reduction, too – so what do we recommend for knee osteoarthritis? Try an insulating glass unit!

2.Water Aerobics

Physical fitness experts often recommend that you drink plenty of water to help maintain proper hydration levels. It’s opening that drinking lots of water may help flush out the excess toxins from within your body.

As a bonus, it can also try to significant weight loss with so many toxins exiting your body through your urine and sweat as you exercise or even go about your business during your daily activities.

Even if you don’t lose weight, you’ll still be reaping the health benefits of drinking plenty of water. Another recent study[x] found that several patients experienced natural pain relief while immersed in hot water(hydrotherapy).

This suggests that warm baths or hot tubs may be helpful for those suffering from joint pain, so beware!


This age-old exercise method has answers to so many problems. Yoga not only includes stretching exercises, but it’s also an excellent way to get in shape and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It helps you shed pounds and inches, reduce your stress hormone levels, and even diminish inflammation in your kneecaps.

Having inflamed knees doesn’t exactly do the trick when it comes down to strengthening, improving stability and decreasing activity of joints.

Yoga offers three benefits: it keeps your joints healthy, it makes sure you retain a full range of motion, and last but not least, it keeps you from falling into a depressed state of mind. The body responds positively to certain poses and positions that can help with knee pain, such as the hero’s pose, mountain pose, or triangle posture.

4.Tai Chi

Fitness group doing tai chi in park on a sunny day

This ancient Chinese exercise strengthens your body and reduces stress. It has incredible effects on improving the flexibility and balance of joints. Tai chi is a slow-paced movement with gentle, non-competitive exercises.

This exercise promotes balance, range of motion in joints, muscle strength, the steadiness of the body and mind-body connection activities that result in a high level of self-esteem and overall function. It helps to overcome limitations, especially regarding issues related to joint pain such as arthritis pain or osteoarthritis[6].

 The outcome leads to reductions in depression associated with stiffness in major joints like knees. One should note that this helps patients develop a positive self-image and relief chronic musculoskeletal pain.


Bicycling is a fantastic low-impact exercise that the whole family can enjoy. It uses major muscle groups and doesn’t put a lot of strain on bones, joints, or muscles, unlike many other sports activities and is therefore suitable for most people.

Exercise improves one’s overall health in general and benefits one specific body part/area by improving joint mobility, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. Below are some examples of improvements from regular bicycling, including benefits to the joints, especially those you tend to get affected with age-related diseases; knees, hips, and feet!

The bike is one of the best ways to get some cardiovascular exercise. Pedalling activates the blood circulation to your legs and stimulates your muscles, so they are ready to act when you need them to. Make sure the resistance level is kept mild to moderate.

6.Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy is the best course for knee pain treatment. Your physical therapist will evaluate your health and help you create a plan of action that you can use to keep living your life to the fullest without limitations caused by your knee pain.

 A physical therapist will analyze you scientifically when dealing with the root cause of your knee problems, which could be any number of things from an injury caused in a fall, arthritis related issues or simply old age causing discomfort.

A physical therapist will also research preventative measures you can take to ensure that your knees continue functioning properly, such as losing some weight or even checking out different types of prescription medication that may help alleviate pain.

7.Elliptical Training


Machines such as ellipticals or stair masters are ideal for working out at home. You can get an excellent cardiovascular workout without stepping a foot outside of your door.

The first thing that most people need to do when they begin this workout routine is understanding how the machines work, so they don’t hurt themselves! Working out on the elliptical shouldn’t cause pain.

It should be done correctly to get any injuries while exercising. An added benefit many users say they notice with this kind of equipment is how quiet they are.


Just like water holds the weight, it could hold your knee as well. Swimming strengthens leg muscles and even addresses the range of motion for legs and arms uniformly. A warm water pool could soothe stiff joints.

Regular swimming can build muscles around the knee, which helps heal a knee injury. Furthermore, swimming may also relieve pain since it is a full-body.

While swimming is a great exercise to lose weight, it’s pretty much impossible not just to lose weight by simply using an inactive pool as your only form of exercise!

The quality of water and type of equipment you use is very important when looking into how effective this type of therapy will be for rheumatic problems or mobility issues in general, for that matter!

Final Words:

Losing weight and good health when you have an injury or some knee pain is a lot more challenging than if you’re in good health. The workout mentioned above forms has been proven to help people live better, healthier lives.

Still, if you are overweight (which many injury sufferers are), you must remember your primary goal isn’t to lose weight but rather to take care of your knee for it to get better!

There are still ways to be healthy with an injury, like eating the right fruits and vegetables, for example, which will help shed those extra pounds. Not to neglect sleep, too, because this can worsen any existing health issues.

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