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Acne Scars Treatment At Home (5 Natural Products)

Many people suffer from acne, and because of this, many of them go through the process of removing their acne scars to look presentable.

According to the American Academy, although some scars may call for attention, others can be left alone as part early of the healing phase.While acne can be embarrassing, it can also scar your face.

For people who have suffered from this condition and look in the mirror at their reflection, these unsightly blemishes can leave them feeling self-conscious and wishing they could do more to help them feel better about their skin.

However, treating acne scars does not have to be a painful or invasive process, and the AAD (Dermatologists) acknowledge that many natural treatment options work. In this article provide five natural products.

1.Black Seed Oil

Known as Nigella sativa, the black seed oil is a plant commonly found in Eastern Europe, western Asia, and the Middle East. It is relatively common for Black Seed oil to be used as part of certain treatment.

Plans geared specifically toward helping speed up healing processes by reducing inflammation and aiding in scar less recovery, particularly when it comes to wounds due to trauma like burns or infections (5).

It can also prevent wrinkles if applied topically on the skin (6). Of course, this oil doesn’t just stop at benefits related to our bodies.

Black seed oil aids in numerous health issues, including reducing the effects of chronic reflux disease, which means you can finally enjoy your chicken wings again!

2.Rosehip Seed Oil

Also known as black cumin or black seed Oil, black seed oil comes from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. It is native to Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and other parts of Africa.

Seen largely as a solution for aging, rosehip seed oil is quite popular these days and can safely be applied directly over your facial skin; it’s available in most supermarkets today for cosmetic purposes and is guaranteed not to burn or irritate.

One study has suggested that the oil can also be used to treat scars – surgical ones included: the study was specific to surgical scars, but the oil could potentially reduce the appearance of acne scars in much the same way.

The study found that by applying it twice daily (for a total of four weeks), those results were recorded at up to a 77 percent reduction in scar appearance and even discoloration after just twelve weeks had gone by!


You no big have to go to a pharmacy for this potential acne scar remedy. Honey is used for medicinal purposes, including burns and wounds.

And research indicates Trusted Source that can speed up the healing process, which helps to minimize scars.

Researchers found that Honey directly can help cleanse open wounds and prevent further scars because of its antibacterial properties. It also fights infections to stop them from spreading deeper into your skin and causing more acne.

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4.Aloe Vera

As much as someone might get sick of the product, we all have to agree that Honey is a miracle truly. In a study at Annals of Plastic Surgery magazine, Honey can treat acne by helping reduce swelling and scar tissue size, thereby lessening the risk of infections in the first place!

You can easily find honey gels and products over the counter, but if you want to avoid all this hustle, you can always grow your plant. Cut into it and apply it to your skin.

5.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a highly acidic substance; this makes it effective at killing germs such as those that cause acne. However, acne scars are not caused by germs.

Research has shown that lemon juice’s acidity is too strong to be used safely on the skin because it can damage the skin and worsen your acne.

Acne scars specifically occur when instead of an infected zit, you’re left with an indentation in your skin, and redness surrounding the scar will never go away until taken care of properly.

While topical treatments that contain lemon juice might temporarily hide your acne scars, they won’t cure them or prevent them from appearing again in the future.


It’s hard to believe, but there aren’t many proven, natural remedies for acne scars. However, if one compares the price of expensive creams and lotions with equally unproven benefits, then the case for going natural becomes a much more obvious decision.

Namely, less expensive and potentially fewer negative side effects mean you can reduce your acne scars by following an all-natural treatment routine. And it won’t hurt to try!



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