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How to exfoliate face naturally(10 Natural Tips)

How to exfoliate face naturally(10 Natural Tips)

Exfoliation is important for keeping skin healthy and fresh. We have discussed the importance of exfoliating before, but it’s always a good idea to think back on your reasons for this simple step.

As we age, our skin is less efficient at producing new cells because its old cells get stuck together instead of sloughing off naturally when they die.

Consequently, we can look dull and flakey as the existing surface cells keep piling up wherever you touch or move the most or breathe deeply (which are essentially everywhere).

As we age, one of our biggest worries is proper cell renewal. The most common way to help keep our cells rejuvenated is with chemical and mechanical exfoliation to ensure that they stay healthy and do not become weak.

Chemical exfoliation can quickly revitalize a face, thanks to fruit acids. Scrubs are easily mixed into face masks or used separately as a manual technique to help manage to age.

1. Salt

When it comes to good body exfoliation, salt is a great option. This Citrus Salt Scrub from the “Wellness Mama” website is one type of salt scrub you may consider.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a Papaya Sea Salt Scrub found on this Watermelon Boat website. If you’re interested in trying hand scrubs out, then check out this Sea Salt Hand Scrub on the “Salt and Bubbles” website.

Also, salt makes an excellent foot scrub. It can be perfect for exfoliating any dry or rough skin on your feet, allowing your feet to look healthier and prettier.

However, keep in mind that some people with sensitive skin are not able to tolerate salt as a foot scrub. So be sure to test a small amount of this product on unprotected skin before using it all over.

2. Sugar

I was thinking of using exfoliants that are too abrasive on your face? It’s not a good idea since this ensures redness and broken skin. There are recipes for exfoliants that use ingredients that are gentler than salt. This pumpkin sugar facial scrub is also simple to make and delightful for one’s skin.

Sugar can be a great way to exfoliate your body, especially if you tend to shave your legs and scrub simultaneously. That’s a sign to choose sugar over salt to avoid the expected sting.

You can try out this Pineapple Sugar Scrub on your body or consider a Mango Body Scrub to see which scent appeals to you. Additionally, never forget your lips because they need exfoliation too!

3. Oats

Since oatmeal is made from oats, an organic version typically tends to be gentle on your skin if you happen to be sensitive.

You can use organic oats as a physical exfoliant for your body or face since many benefits come with using this staple food made from grains.

4. Apples + Apple Cider Vinegar

Alpha hydroxy acids increase the rate of skin exfoliation and are beneficial for shedding dead skin [source].

Malic acid is a good example of an exfoliant to add to your mask that can be found in apples. If you don’t have any malic acid on hand, many other exfoliants can be used as alternatives.

5. Coffee

The feet are a great place to have a scrub – with coffee grounds! Gently rub them, and then the peppermint will work on those muscles. Rub in some cocoa butter or any moisturizer that you like.

6. Exfoliating Bars

If you want to keep your skin smooth, it means that one has to exfoliate regularly. Many of us feel like exfoliating is a task to be done all on its own.

But did you know that if you have a homemade soap bar instead of using chemically produced ones containing harmful ingredients, then you can effectively exfoliate in the shower and not make a separate appointment with the masseuse?

Using your favourite perfume or essential oil while bathing and enjoying fragrant candles can also do wonders for relaxing the body and mind alike.

7. Milk

The lactic acid in yogurt can help remove dead skin cells [source]. Take a small amount and massage it into your skin to use on your face. You can also combine whole milk with a whipped egg for dry skin or add aloe vera for sensitive skin.

Yogurt masks are an excellent way to exfoliate the body. Add 2–4 cups of plain, unsweetened yogurt to warm bathwater to get head-to-toe benefits.

8. Flaxseeds

For a more natural exfoliation , try ground flaxseeds which are high in both omega-3s and omega-6s, which means you’ll be getting some of the most powerful antioxidants to clear out dead skin cells. Flaxseed oil also works well for hydrating dry skin, so it’s ideal for those with acne-prone skin [source].

To include this ingredient into your daily routine, sprinkle two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds onto your cleanser to gently wash away dead cells and excess oils that have built up.

9. Baking Soda

One of the most useful items you probably already have in your home is baking soda. It can be used in various ways, but here are just a few! With only a teaspoon of baking soda, this easy and simple DIY cleanser might be the thing that you’ve been looking for.

Mix your baking soda into some coconut oil for using at nighttime to whiten your teeth or mix it with apple cider vinegar if you’d like to make a paste of just baking soda and honey and apply it to clean skin for exfoliation or use it to lighten underarms or even treat acne or dry skin.

Leave all-natural ingredients on the counter overnight to be cool when applied in the morning and then later wash off with warm water. Fruit peels can also aid in brightening skin, relaxing tired eyes, relieving aches/pains etc.

10. Rice

Rice is a delicate grain with many uses. Skin is a delicate organ that requires plenty of attention and care. The oil-free pre-tan body polish we mention in this article works wonders when it comes to caring for this sensitive area on which you place your face every day.

It’s important to take care of your skin and keep it in prime condition, so make sure you use something effective like the precious ground rice we describe here.



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