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What causes a double chin?( Top 5 Causes)

What causes a double chin?( Top 5 Causes)

A double chin is when the hanging fat below your jawline and on top of the underlying muscle has grown so much that they form a pair of little mounds around your throat.

While it may not seem like a big deal to you, we advise you to see a doctor if it doesn’t go away or becomes larger and more noticeable.

A double chin is not considered a sign of a medical problem, but it is still considered an indication of potential weight issues, as they most often occur due to being overweight or obese.

Double chins are harmful to your self-image and how others perceive you. They are associated with an excess of fat in the throat, jawline, and neck area, causing the skin and soft tissues to gather into folds that make one appear especially older and heavier than normal.

Common Causes of a Double Chin

A double chin is something that is commonly found among older individuals. It isn’t just obese or overweight people who find themselves with a chin and neck with too much fat.

There are many reasons for finding yourself developing this, and if you’re an older person, staying away from gaining more weight might not be the only thing you need to think about. 

Here are all of the most common causes for getting a double chin.

1. Excess Fat

The most prevalent cause of a double chin is just sheer excess of fat in the body. If you happen to be overweight, it’s going to be very hard not to gain weight in your face and under the chin as well. Unfortunately, this happens if you have a larger frame or a bigger body type.

For instance, if you’re the type who has more weight around the hips or belly region, then it might be challenging for you at first to see that fat deposits are appearing even in places such as your face and under your chin that don’t normally have much fat on them, to begin with!

It may feel like one day someone was taking selfies of you, and there was an unpleasant surprise when all of a sudden, it seemed that you had some unwanted chunky deposit zones under your chin.

When a person struggles with weight, a double chin can make them feel self-conscious. It can be extremely difficult to hide and ignore, especially if they need to wear form-fitting clothing daily.

2. Aging Skin

Another very common cause that often goes unnoticed is simply the effect age has on our skin. Furthermore, age naturally decreases collagen, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity, resulting in sagging and wrinkles.

The more we age and collagen diminishes, the less elasticity we have, and so the more pronounced the effects will become. Other factors like growing muscle tissue or losing it with age can contribute to our jowls growing as well!

People who develop cancer often don’t know what caused it. Things like smoking could damage the skin and cause cancer, so denying these habits is crucial if you want to keep yourself healthy.

For example, there are chemicals in personal care products that have been linked with reproductive issues, congenital disabilities, and even cancer! So I would recommend that you use organic skin care products because they contain natural ingredients, plus they are often safer for your health than synthetic ones.

3. Poor Posture

You’re probably not reading this on a phone or laptop at the moment because if you were, that might be part of the problem. When we use those devices, we tend to crane our necks to see what we’re doing—and adopting that posture is one of the worse things for causing neck muscle pain and stiffening them up. This can lead to excess skin and wrinkles around the jowls and chin area.

4. Facial Structure

Some types of fats are so bad because they drive up your insulin and body’s inflammation level. We have to stick to the fact that major factors that cause double chins include having a more apple-shaped face (when compared to rectangular or oval) instead of an elongated, thinner face.

Most overweight people carry around the excess fat in their bellies, making them look bigger and rounder anywhere from their waist downwards.

However, since double chins develop due to lack of muscles in the neck area and when we lose large amounts of weight, this also causes sagging skin, which creates that visible appearance of having two “chins” for some individuals.

This might be the very reason why some people can be slim but still develop a double chin, because they don’t know what they eat is stored as stubborn fat on their neck region.

5. Genetics

Suppose you happen to notice that most of your family members have double chins. In that case, this indicates that you could very well develop a double chin since genetics and families tend to go hand in hand.

Are there specific genes for having a double chin? Don’t be too hasty to assume that it’s all genetic material action going on.

Other possibilities may link you to this undesirable trait, such as perhaps being overweight, having thinner or less elastic skin, or maybe even storing fat around your chin.

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