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What Causes Back Acne in Males? (5 Likely Causes)

Back acne (which is more commonly known as “bacne”) is a type of acne that occurs on different parts of the body such as your shoulders, back and chest mostly males.

The trouble with Bacne is that it can be difficult to treat because the skin tends to be thicker there. These areas are often neglected when it comes to treating acne.

However, Bacne is relatively easy to treat because the follicles present are just about the same as on other parts of your body. The secret to successfully treating your case of Bacne is figuring out what causes Bacne in men in the first place. Here are three things you should know about some acne.

Using an acne treatment system is an easy and great way to clear up stubborn back acne.

Here are five possible causes of acne in men and how to treat it effectively:

1.Tight Clothing and Gear

You enjoy showing off your chiselled biceps when you hit the gym. Tight clothing and sports gear like helmets, athletic pads or uncomfortable footwear can be the sneaky culprits behind back breakouts.

The combined heat, pressure and friction can trigger acne mechanic – a specific form of blemish that appears on your back due to wearing a piece of clothing or sporting gear that’s too tight.

2.Not Changing Out of Sweaty Clothes

Don’t be that guy—the one who walks around smelling like he just finished an intense workout even though he never did.

While it is true that sweats do not cause acne directly, you can experience a bit of acne on your back because of the strong smells lingering in your clothing.

Also, hanging out in your sweaty clothes will give others a fair warning shot that you might be coming down with some nasty back breakouts.

You want to make sure people don’t associate you with body odor as this isn’t always pleasant to deal with.

If you can’t get to a shower soon enough, then change out of your wet clothes ASAP and throw them into the wash before they have time to dry up or get even more strained than they already are!

3.Missing Your Back in the Shower

It’s common to forget about applying moisturizer to the back when taking a shower. After you work out, put a drop of extra almond skin oil from your favourite section onto your hands, apply liberally and rub in.

Exfoliating your backside is important if you want to keep acne away. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that clog pores, preventing new ones from forming and causing pimples/problems.

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4.Shaving Your Back

Have a hairy back? A big reason many guys are developing back acne is that they’re shaving their backs, which is causing the skin to grow back into their follicles.

This doesn’t just apply to the backs of men who have curly hair; it can happen to anyone at all. You might get this from time to time if you use an old or dull razor as well.

5.Overactive Oil Glands

It’s widely acknowledged that acne is more severe on people with an oily skin type, but unfortunately, gentlemen tend to have much oilier skin than women!

One of the first things one notices about their skin is that it tends to have large pores a rough texture, and when looking closer at it (with your naked eye or a microscope), you would see that it’s not smooth like how glass should look.

This could be due to thinning out the epidermis, which means there’s less protection against UV radiation. This excess oil (along with dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria) can lead to acne breakouts on the back.

Using a well-established acne treatment system can effectively reduce how much excess oil is on the surface of your skin, along with stopping new breakouts in their tracks before they make themselves known.



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